Perimeter Workouts (Off-Season)

3 days a week

Ball Handling:
- No Dribble:  Ball slaps, figure 8, around the waist, leg slaps catch behind the back, ball toss between legs

- Stationary Dribbling:  Figure 8 big and small dribbles, spider, ball breakers, machine gun, laying finger tip dribbling, behind the back through legs

- 2 Ball Dribbling:  simultaneous dribble, alternating dribble, cross-over, behind the back, big dribble small dribble

- Spot up shooting, foot cocked, balance, flip the ball and shoot, 3 sets of 10, shooting 3's from wings and the top.

- 3's with left and right pivots, flip the ball pivot and shoot, square your shoulders and have good balance 3 sets of 10 from wings and top.

- Endurance shooting, 5 makes from 3 pointer, wings and top, shoot a 3 sprint to half court circle and come back and shoot.  Repeat until you make 5 from each spot.  Must have a rebounder.

Dribble shots:
- Pump fakes, flip the ball or receive a pass, jab steps and sweeps, explosion step to a one dribble pull-up 3 sets of 10 from both wings and the top.

- Pump fakes, jab steps and sweeps, work on explosion steps to a 2 dribble spin to the rim, right and left handed dribble spins from both wings and top.  3 sets of 10.

- Ball screen work, wait for screen, turn corner to the elbow, knock it down.  3 sets of 5 from both wings

- ball screen, wait for screen, get all the way to the rim for a lay-up.  3 sets of 5.

- Ball screen, wait for screen, 2 dribble spin for a jump shot or a lay-up.  3 sets of 10.

-  shoot free-throws in between sets to rest, record all makes, your goal should 75% or better.

*You must go full speed on all drills.